Mommy Makeover in NJ

Are you ready to unleash your true beauty and rediscover your confidence through a mommy makeover procedure?

Look no further than Gartner Plastic Surgery. Led by the esteemed Dr. Gartner, a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in comprehensive cosmetic solutions that will help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals and elevate your confidence to new heights. Get ready to embark on a transformative mommy makeover journey where exceptional care meets stunning results.

Our Mommy Makeover Procedure

Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood can bring immeasurable joy but may also take a toll on a woman’s body. That’s why we offer the Mommy Makeover, a customized combination of procedures designed to address the specific areas affected by pregnancy and restore your pre-pregnancy body contour. Our Mommy Makeover includes a variety of treatments, such as:

Breast Augmentation

Restore volume and shape to your breasts with breast augmentation. This procedure can help enhance breast size and symmetry, giving you a more balanced and youthful appearance.

Tummy Tuck

Say goodbye to loose skin and stubborn abdominal fat with a tummy tuck. This procedure tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and fat, resulting in a firmer, flatter, and more toned midsection.

Breast Lift

Reverse the effects of sagging breasts and achieve a more lifted and youthful bustline with a breast lift. This procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying tissue, and repositions the breasts for a more aesthetically pleasing result.


Target areas of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise with liposuction. This procedure removes localized fat deposits, sculpting your body contours and improving overall body proportion.

Dr. Gartner did an outstanding job on my breast augmentation. The whole process from start to finish was pleasant and I was aware of everything to expect during my recovery which really helped my experience.
Jessica Sykes
Jessica Sykes
I am very pleased with my experience at Dr. Gartner's office. After initially contacting his office, I was met with an immediate response from his team where I explained my issues and needs. Within days I was in the office for my initial consultation. During this visit I was able to schedule a surgery date less than 30 days out, accommodating to my schedule. The procedure done at his office under local anesthesia was a pleasant experience where I felt very comfortable and relaxed the entire time. I felt I was in good hands with Dr. Gartner's background and professional staff. I am very satisfied with the results of said procedure as they were essentially exactly what I was looking for. After the procedure the office was effortless to deal with as far as follow up appointments. I highly recommend Dr Gartner's office.
Justin Pabst
Justin Pabst
Such an incredible surgical team and Dr. Gartner is one of a kind, you wont find a better team in NJ.
Janetta Tejeda
Janetta Tejeda
I can’t believe how stunning my results are from my procedure,-- thanks Gartner team!
Leona Johns
Leona Johns
The perfect mommy makeover experience! I have 4 kids at home so I knew it would be a big deal to get this type of procedure but I followed all of the surgeons instructions and it honestly went pretty smoothly. Couldn't be happier, thank you everyone!
Helen Hulme
Helen Hulme
I went ahead with a liposuction arm treatment with Dr Gartner and all I can say is that it was WORTH it. I feel way more confident now with my arms and can finally feel comfortable wearing different types of clothing. Truly life changing.
Laurette Lantz
Laurette Lantz
My tummy tuck procedure went perfectly. I knew for a few years that I wanted this procedure done and finally took the leap and did it. Dr. Gartner was my first choice and by far the best one!
Megan Robertson
Megan Robertson
Really great plastic surgeon. I’m happy with the overall level of care and service I got from the doctor’s team and the explanation they gave me of the procedure before.
Tina Headley
Tina Headley
Just had my breast aug and lift a few weeks ago and its exactly what i wanted! Theyll continue to drop over the course of the next few weeks and I cant wait for them to settle.
Clara Woods
Clara Woods
I absolutely love Dr. Gartner, him and his team are the best!
Teresa Pelletier
Teresa Pelletier

Who Can Benefit from a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is specifically designed to address the unique concerns and physical changes that often occur after pregnancy and childbirth. This transformative combination of procedures can benefit many women who wish to restore their pre-pregnancy body and boost their self-confidence. If you resonate with any of the following scenarios, a mommy makeover may be an ideal solution for you:

Mothers Experiencing Post-Pregnancy Changes:

If you have experienced significant changes in your body following pregnancy, such as loose abdominal skin, stretched muscles, sagging breasts, or stubborn pockets of fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise, a mommy makeover can help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape.

Women Struggling with Body Confidence:

Many mothers experience a decrease in body confidence after pregnancy, which can impact their self-esteem. A mommy makeover offers a transformative solution to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. By restoring your body contours and addressing specific areas of concern, you can enhance your overall appearance and regain your sense of self-assurance.

Mothers Done with Childbearing:

While a mommy makeover can be performed at any stage of motherhood, it is often recommended for individuals who have completed their family planning. This ensures that the surgical results remain stable and unaffected by future pregnancies.

Individuals with Multiple Areas of Concern:

A mommy makeover is particularly beneficial for those with multiple areas of concern. Whether it’s addressing sagging breasts, abdominal laxity, excess fat deposits, or a combination of these, a customized treatment plan can be developed to comprehensively address your unique needs.

Individuals Seeking a Comprehensive Solution:

By combining multiple procedures into one surgery, a mommy makeover offers a comprehensive approach to body rejuvenation. This means fewer surgeries, less downtime, and a more efficient way to achieve your desired results. If you desire a complete transformation that addresses various areas in a single procedure, a mommy makeover is an excellent option.

Personalized Care and
Exceptional Results

At Gartner Plastic Surgery, we understand that every woman’s body is unique, and so are her cosmetic goals. Dr. Gartner and our dedicated team take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your desired outcomes, and tailor a personalized treatment plan that suits your specific needs. Our approach focuses on achieving natural-looking results that enhance your natural beauty and restore your self-confidence.

Excellence in Patient Care and Safety

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Dr. Gartner is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and expertise in performing mommy makeover procedures. We maintain the highest standards of safety and utilize advanced surgical techniques to ensure optimal outcomes. Throughout your journey, our experienced team will provide you with the support, guidance, and postoperative care needed for a smooth recovery and satisfactory results.

Building Lasting Relationships

At Gartner Plastic Surgery, we believe in building lasting relationships with our patients. We understand that embarking on a cosmetic journey can be a personal and emotional experience. That’s why we provide a warm, caring, and confidential environment where you can feel comfortable discussing your concerns and goals. Our goal is to establish trust, foster open communication, and guide you through your transformation with compassion and empathy.

Mommy Makeover NJ FAQ

How Can I Ensure A Smooth Recovery Process And Minimize The Risk Of Complications?

Following your post-operative instructions, attending follow-up appointments, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are key to a smooth recovery and minimizing risks. We provide comprehensive guidance at Gartner Plastic Surgery in NJ.

What Steps Can I Take To Maintain The Results Of My Mommy Makeover NJ In The Long-Run?

Maintaining a stable weight, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and following our post-operative guidelines are essential for long-term results. We’re here to support your journey at Gartner Plastic Surgery in NJ.

Can A Mommy Makeover Address Stretch Marks, And If So, What Techniques Are Used At Gartner Plastic Surgery NJ?

A Mommy Makeover NJ can improve the appearance of stretch marks, especially in the abdominal area. Techniques may include skin tightening and scar revision, which we can discuss during your consultation.

Is It Possible To Undergo A Mommy Makeover If I've Had Previous Abdominal Surgery Or A C-Section?

Yes, it’s often possible to undergo a Mommy Makeover at Gartner Plastic Surgery in NJ after previous abdominal surgery or a C-section. We’ll evaluate your medical history and surgical options during your consultation.

How Soon After A Mommy Makeover Can I Resume My Daily Routine, Including Work And Childcare Responsibilities?

The timeline for returning to daily routines varies, but most patients can expect to resume light activities within a few weeks. We’ll provide personalized guidance during your post-op appointments.

What Should I Expect In Terms Of Follow-Up Appointments And Post-Operative Care After My Mommy Makeover NJ?

Regular follow-up appointments at Gartner Plastic Surgery in NJ are essential to monitor your progress and address any concerns. We’ll provide detailed post-operative care instructions and schedule follow-ups accordingly as well.

How Do I Schedule A Consultation With Dr. Gartner For My Mommy Makeover NJ?

Scheduling a consultation at Gartner Plastic Surgery in NJ is easy. You can contact our office, and our dedicated team will assist you in setting up an appointment with Dr. Gartner to discuss your Mommy Makeover goals and options.

Do You Offer Financing Options For The Mommy Makeover NJ?

Yes, at Gartner Plastic Surgery, we understand that investing in your self-confidence and well-being is important. To make the Mommy Makeover procedure more accessible, we offer a range of financing options. During your consultation, our team will discuss these financing choices and help you find a plan that fits your budget and needs, ensuring you can achieve the results you desire without unnecessary financial stress.

How Soon Can I Expect To See The Final Results Of My Mommy Makeover At Gartner Plastic Surgery In NJ?

The final results of your Mommy Makeover NJ may take several months to fully manifest as swelling subsides and tissues settle. Typically, you’ll see significant improvements within a few weeks, with continued refinement over time.

Are There Any Dietary Or Nutritional Guidelines I Should Follow Before My Mommy Makeover NJ Surgery?

We’ll provide specific pre-operative instructions during your consultation and post-op appointment. Generally, maintaining a balanced diet and staying hydrated is essential to support your body’s healing process.

What Is The Typical Duration Of A Mommy Makeover Consultation At Gartner Plastic Surgery In NJ?

A Mommy Makeover NJ consultation at our clinic typically lasts about an hour. This time allows us to thoroughly discuss your goals, assess your candidacy, and customize a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Can I Have More Children After Undergoing A Mommy Makeover NJ, Or Will It Affect My Results?

While it’s possible to have more children after a Mommy Makeover, it’s recommended to wait until you’ve completed your family. Pregnancy can impact the results, but revisions can be considered at Gartner Plastic Surgery in NJ if needed.

What Options Are Available For Pain Management During The Recovery Period After A Mommy Makeover?

At Gartner Plastic Surgery, we prioritize your comfort during recovery. We provide pain management options, which may include prescription medications and guidelines for a smooth healing experience.

Are There Any Limitations On Physical Activity Or Exercise Routines Following A Mommy Makeover Procedure?

Initially, it’s crucial to avoid strenuous activities. We’ll provide you with post-operative instructions gradually allowing you to resume exercise and daily routines.

How Can I Ensure A Smooth Recovery Process And Minimize The Risk Of Complications?

Following your post-operative instructions, attending follow-up appointments, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are key to a smooth recovery and minimizing risks. We provide comprehensive guidance at Gartner Plastic Surgery in NJ.

Invest In Your Body,
Invest In Yourself.

Schedule Your Mommy Makeover Consultation at Gartner Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gartner to discuss your Mommy Makeover goals and explore the possibilities available to you. During your consultation, Dr. Gartner will conduct a thorough evaluation, answer your questions, and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. 

Take the first step toward regaining your pre-pregnancy body and reclaiming your confidence with Gartner Plastic Surgery. To book your consultation please give us a call or fill out a contact form with your information!


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